Guidelines for Brewing with a Column Brewer


Your column brewer


Coffee:   13.75 grams set at fine grind

Water:    250 grams or milliliters at 200 °F / 93.5 °C for brewing. Additional water at 200 °F / 93.5 °C for preheating.

Gram scale:   (1 gram = 1 milliliter)

Brewing time:    2 minutes 15 seconds


Step 1    Begin with clean equipment.


Step 2    Place filter in the column brewer, dampen and preheat by pouring hot water through it. Discard this water.


Step 3    Place a cup on the scale. Add coffee to bottom chamber of the column brewer and place it on top of the cup. Tare                                       the scale with the cup, coffee and brewing device on it.


Step 4    Start timer and pour 50 grams of water into the column brewer. Allow to bloom for 30 seconds then add the                                                   remaining water. Without pressing down, place the plunger on top.


Step 5    When the timer reaches 1:45 slowly push the plunger down using all of the remaining 30 seconds.


Step 6    Enjoy!




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