Brazil - Minas Gerais 1 Year Subscription

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Brazil - Minas Gerais 1 Year Subscription

Subscription term (Charged annually)
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  • Description

    Type                 Single origin 100% Arabica beans

    Method            Washed, Naturally dried

    Region             Minas Gerais - Fazenda Alta Vista 

    Elevation         1290 meters above sea level

    SCA                  84

    Weight             250g

  • Flavour Notes


    Light Caramel, Low Acidity

  • Terms of Service

    As part of our company satisfaction guarantee and impecable customer service, we do not tie our customers to a fixed term. 


    If at anytime you decide you no longer wish to receive our coffee, simply contact us to cancel your subscription. We will refund the remainder of the subscription term without quibble.


    For your convenience, subscriptions are charged annually at the begining of the term and will expire automatically after 12 months. To continue the service you must purchase a new subscription.


    Subscription service is available to UK delivery addresses only. International customers please contact us before purchasing.

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