Reusable Nespresso Pod

Reusable Nespresso Pod

  • Description

    Enjoy your favourite Qahwah Club coffee in your capsule coffee machine with our easy to use refillable pods.


    Pre-filled coffee pods used in capsule coffee machines may be convenient, but you are then left with packaging thats not easy to recycle or sometimes not at all recyclable. You are also limited to the brands coffee which is not fresh.


    As a solution to this we now offer reusable and refillable stainless steel pods. This is an alternative to plastic pods, environmentally friendly and saves you time and money. Made from non toxic food grade material you can now enjoy freshly roasted premium grade speciality coffee with the convenience of a capsule machine.


  • Specification

    Package includes:

    Stainless steel pod

    Stainless steel tamper

    Coffee scoop

    Cleaning brush

    Spare rubber seal