Guidelines for Brewing with a Siphon



Your Siphon


Coffee:    31 grams set at medium-fine grind

Water:    567 grams or milliliters at 200 °F / 93.5°C for brewing Additional water at 200 °F / 93.5°C for preheating


Gram scale:    (1 gram = 1 milliliter)

Brewing time:    Between 3:00 and 4:00 minutes


Step 1    Begin with clean equipment.


Step 2    Fill bottom globe with hot water and place over the heat source. Let the top globe rest on the bottom globe, but do not fit                                           them together too tightly.


Step 3    When water in bottom globe begins to boil, tightly fit top globe onto the bottom globe.


Step 4    As water transfers to the top globe, stir to cool water. Turn down the heat source as well. Aim for 200°F without letting                                                   water transfer back to the bottom of the globe.


Step 5    Add coffee into the top globe and stir to saturate all the grounds. Let steep for 1 – 2 minutes.


Step 6    Then stir grounds again and remove from the heat to start vacuum filtering. Filtering is finished when coffee in bottom globe                                       bubbles.


Step 7    Enjoy!




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